Our Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate at Ambrosia Corner Bakery, we want it to be the very best, and it just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t make it ourselves. That’s why our chocolate bars are bean to bar, we’re there for every step in the process. We only roast fair trade organic cacao beans and we’ve researched all the right roasting methods in order to highlight the specific beans’ characteristics.

And it just wouldn’t have the Ambrosia seal of approval if we didn’t bring something fun to the community. That’s why all of our chocolate bars are named for the country of origin that the beans came from! Take a look below at the chocolate bars we’ve previously featured in our store, and remember to check the pre-order form on Open Food Network to see what kinds we have in stock! Our bars may contain, dairy, soy or nuts.

Our Products


The flavours of our Peru 68% bar are light and delicate. You’ll find fruity tropical flavours with hints of nuts.


Dominican Republic

Not only does our 75% Dominican Republic bar offer caramel and toffee, you’ll also find delicious hints of soft citrus in the dark chocolate



The flavours in our Belize 64% bar are velvety smooth – if you love creamy toffee, caramel and vanilla flavours, this bar is the right one for you



Our 66% Madagascar chocolate bar has the perfect blend of bright and mild fruity flavours!



For the milk chocolate lovers try our 55% Ghana bar! Rich chocolate flavour with a hint of fruit and vanilla!



Another milk chocolate treat, the 45% Nicaragua bar is made with rich medjool dates and molasses.


Chuno Classico

Try our Chuno Classico 73% chocolate bar!



Try our 70% Tanzania chocolate bar!



Try our 70% Fiji chocolate bar!