Our Partnerships

At Ambrosia Corner Bakery we want to be more than just an average bakery. We care about our community and other small businesses like us – that’s why we’ve expanded our products and reached out to other businesses to sell with us. When you come into Ambrosia Corner Bakery you’ll find other items like candles, maple syrup, popcorn, specialty sauces and so much more! Below we’ve feature just a hand-full of the businesses that we’re partnered with to bring you products beyond what we make in-store. To see the full list of businesses, head to our Open Food Network page and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on any new businesses we connect with!

Takeover Tuesday + Truck Eats, Cool Treats

Every week a different local chef joins us at the bakery and takes over from 11 am to 2 pm serving up lunch items. Check our calendar for listed chefs.

Plus, in the summer months, we have our Truck Eats Cool Treats event where we’ll feature a local food truck at our bakery from 4 pm to 8 pm serving up delicious dinner items!

See some of our successful past events in the gallery below with businesses like; Giordano’s Kitchen, Bread Heads, The Big Jerk, The Lancaster Smokehouse, The Wild Boar, Clementine Catering and Fo’Cheezy’s!

Clementine Catering’s Take Over Tuesday September 2019
Bread Head’s Truck Eats Cool Treats August 2019
The Lancaster Smokehouse’s Truck Eats Cool Treats June 2019

Fo’ Cheezy’s Truck Eats and Cool Treats 2019

Big Jerk’s August 2019 Truck Eats & June 2019 Takeover

The Wild Boar’s Truck Eats Cool Treats July 2019

Giordano’s Kitchen’s May 2019 Truck Eats & July 2019 Takeover


We’ve had a really wonderful opportunity to team up with Civilian Screen Printing to print Ambrosia Corner Bakery t-shirts and hats! Our lovely shirts were designed by Candice Leyland at the beginning of June, 2020. Ambrosia Corner Bakery participated in the KW Awesome program which allowed for the company to keep people employed and also financially support local businesses through the sales of t-shirts! We donated all our profits from this program to Nutrition For Learning, who during the lock down continued to distribute healthy snacks to children in the community. Although the KW Awesome program ended in July for Ambrosia Corner Bakery, you can still find our t-shirts and now our new hats in store or on our pre-order form!