In House Baking

At Ambrosia Corner Bakery we’re all about fresh, made from scratch products. We’re serious about good baked goods, and we want our customers to experience nothing but the best. Below are some of the featured products that you can find at our bakery. Since we make everything from scratch, we require a little extra time to get your pastry perfect – which is why we ask you to order ahead of time with our preorder form on Open Food Network. Take a look at the wonderful products below and then head over to our ordering page to see what we have for you to try!

our products


Our Signature item! The Kouign-Amann is a Bretton pastry that’s similar to croissants but with a lot more butter and sugar to give a caramelizing effect. It’s all about the crunch!


Basque Cheesecake

A Cheesecake inspired by the Basque Region of Spain.  The cake is crustless and bakes for a long time at at a high temperature which results in a dark caramelized exterior



A yeasted dough twisted together with chocolate into the perfect circle.  Our in-store version are individual miniature chocolate babkas, but you can also buy a frozen loaf to bake at home!



We offer an assorted six pack of cookies which include chocolate chip, chocolate crackles, ginger molasses, oatmeal raisin, sesame, and snicker doodle, so you can try them all!



With our soft and delicious brownies, you have the option to stop in for a quick chocolate fix. Or buy our six-pack to bring home with you!


Billionaires Shortbread

A caramel and chocolate shortbread delight! We offer them in singles or buy a six pack for you to snack on and share at home for $13.00



Are you more of a sweet or savoury connoisseur? We’ve got the perfect scone no matter your taste preference. Both our sweet and savoury come in a six pack option or buy them frozen to bake at home


Sticky Buns

Our soft brioche style dough is filled with cinnamon sugar, then rolled and baked together in a caramel sauce.  These are meant for sharing. You can also buy our sticky buns frozen and bring them home to bake!



Our muffins are made from scratch and we’re always trying out new flavours to sell, like chocolate pumpkin or raspberry almond! Buy one if you’re on the go or get a six pack to take home with you!


Monkey Bread

This delicious looking pastry is a delightful cinnamon pull apart dessert! Monkey bread is meant to be eaten with your hands so don’t be afraid to dig into this soft and sweet perfect treat anytime of day!


Fruit Bars

Our fruit bars offer a variety of different flavours for you to try! It starts with a shortbread crust and custard filling and your choice of fruit; try it with lemon, orange cranberry, pecan, or raspberry lemon!



Are you more of a sweet or savoury connoisseur? We’ve got the perfect brioche no matter your taste preference. Both our sweet and savoury come in a six pack option for you to take home with you!


Liege Waffles

This isn’t your ordinary waffle. These are made from a brioche style dough and contain pearl sugar and cacao nibs – delicious!


Munchie bar

Our Munchie Bars are pretty unique. We start with a Rice Crispy and then keep adding snacks for a sweet and crunchy treat!



The Ambrosia Croissants are one of our newer bakery items but are fitting in so perfectly. These croissant’s are flaky and buttery!


Challah bread is sorta similar to a sweet brioche! With a little bit of texture and honey it’s sure to be a favourite!


Hand Pies

The perfect flaky turn over dessert. Our hand pies are made with fresh apples so that they’re always crisp and delicious!


Similar to a pizza dough, Focaccia is a flat oven-baked bread similar. It’s the perfect little treat to get your pizza fix!